Know Your Seven Spiritual Chakras – Part 2

As stated in the previous article, I go on to describe all seven chakras.

The seven chakras represent the seven energy centers in the body. Bodies help connect with cosmic energy. Each of the seven chakras feeds the important organs associated with it in our physical body, so it is important that the chakras are energetically flowing, as this is the only way we can maintain balance in the body. Stress, sadness, bad habits, unhealthy foods, and the like are the factors that create blockages in the chakras. Prolonged blockages, whether of emotional or physical origin, lead to illness.

By clearing the chakras, we give both the body and the spirit the necessary amount of energy, while at the same time removing blockages that cause emotional or physical challenges.

1st chakra: root chakra, lying at the beginning of the spine at the occiput

Color: red
Her energy: survival, will, relationships with family and land

2nd chakra: sacral chakra, a few fingers below the navel

Color: orange
Her energy: sexuality, partnerships, creation
Blockages (work on the following patterns): old emotional or mental patterns, body and sexual perceptions, sexual or fertility problems, love resentments, indifference

3rd chakra: located in the solar plexus

Color: yellow
Her energy: strength, self-confidence, self-belief, self-esteem, standing up for yourself
Blockages (work on the following patterns): fear, anxiety, guilt, self-destructive habits (such as alcoholism), inferiority, selfishness, fear of competition and other people, digestive, stomach or intestinal problems, retention and digestion of old ideas

4th chakra: heart chakra, heart, and chest

Color: green
Its energy: the conductor between the chakras, love, harmony, emotions, life force
Blockages (work on the following patterns): excessive emotional outbursts, not accepting love, closing before giving love, sensitivity, fluctuating levels of emotions and moods, heart or respiratory problems

5th chakra: throat chakra

Color: light blue
Her energy: communicating and expressing, determination, choice, giving an opinion
Blockages (work on the following patterns): tremor, inflammation, angina, thyroid problems, inability to express, agitation

6th chakra: third eye, in the middle of the forehead

Color: indigo blue
Her energy: the center of the soul, intuition, seeing, memory, way of perceiving and thinking
Blockages (work on the following patterns): closing your eyes, not wanting to see the truth, resisting your inner voice, headache problems, colds, sinuses, vision, and eye problems

7th chakra: The crown chakra at the top of the head

Color: purple
Her energy: sleep, wakefulness, wisdom, contact with the higher self and Heaven, higher spiritual level
Blockages (work on the following patterns): denial of the spiritual in oneself, diseases of the head, disorders of the nervous system

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