Health And Creativity

Health And Creativity. Because we live in a time when we are forced to rush, strive for success, and accumulate material goods. All this leads to the development of mental imbalance as a result of stress disorders, chronic fatigue, and the like.
Especially important is to prepare and equip yourself for unpredictable everyday situations, arrange a good foundation, and develop appropriate mechanisms for these “dangerous circumstances” to human health.

health and creativity We will succeed socially, emotionally, and physically if we have the opportunity to develop holistically in our environment. It is essential that we focus on creative expression. Creativity means creating conditions for us to be healthy. And acting in relation to oneself and one’s surroundings. A creative individual enters the world in a way that allows him to act in harmony with his own inner attitude and simultaneous understanding of others.  So there is also a much lower chance that he will suffer from mental disorders (depression, anxiety, eating disorders, various addictions, etc.), which are becoming more common
in our society. Many psychologists and other scientists find that creativity is essential for establishing (and nurturing) mental health as it enables growth and development.

Health And Creativity

Creativity is inextricably linked to the environment from which we draw information, and at the same time invest our own impulses in it and thus we change and reshape it – we actively interact.
Just as we inhale and exhale air, so we receive and give in to the world our ideas.
health and creativityBy breathing, we interact with the world and “represent the world” ourselves.  We are the “lungs of the world” and with each of our creative gestures. We interfere with the very structure of living which interferes with ourselves. As the breath circulates, so do the creative forces
that meet each other. Touch, contact, and weave new structures, but are not limited by the goal of the final product. To create means to try new situations, improvise, learn, enter the process of interaction,
and establish relationships.

We establish relationships by “sharing the air”. Not appropriating it. Allowing creative flows. To move outside hierarchical settings, within a field of communication based on respect and acceptance.
Creativity calls for a more subtle treatment of relationships. This is only possible when an individual becomes aware of the process of internal growth or embarks on the path of awareness.
health and creativityCreativity is therefore inextricably linked to health, a healthy attitude towards one’s own needs and desires, and the environment.


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