Coronavirus The Reallity Of Today




The reality of the day… and the most important news of the day, the debate on the street, in the domestic circle -coronavirus.  What now? What are the risks? In short, an obsessive state. I live in Slovenia. Some people are infected. The government has issued measures and all public events, schools, and kindergartens are closed… also colleges, libraries,… people on forced leave are forbidden … Somehow I cannot understand what is happening. In stores, the shelves are empty as people make stock. Shocking. I feel like I’m in a movie. But, unfortunately, I am in reality.

Now is the perfect time for everyone to become aware of and accept responsibility! Responsibility for yourself, for people and for society! As long as the virus spreads, there is never enough information. Everyone has to touch and everyone has to allow himself to make changes. It is always necessary to find a balance in life. In everything.

Don’t panic, enjoy yourself. Be the hero of your life. Respect your body and the bodies of the people around you.

What is Health? The state of complete stability of the internal environment of the body, which the body maintains despite the influence of various environmental factors. So follow the instructions of the competent, respect the people who work with the infected, avoid the groups of people, breathe consciously, eat healthily, win a healthy lifestyle, make our own food, be in the air, sun, eat supplements and superfoods, strengthen our body with movement, meditations, let’s be in ourselves.

The more inside we are, the more the world will heal. Protecting our grandparents, parents, friends …

Let’s take responsibility! Let us step together and make our planet back.
… We respect him even more! Let’s take a closer look at it and make us aware of what it gives us. That it is here for us so that we can live in harmony with it.

It’s time to go inside and think about what’s really important in life.

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