Cherries And Its Positive Effects On Health

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Today has been a wonderful day, at least in the morning. Now, as I write this, it is already raining, thundering and flashing. Interesting.
I went for a walk to a nearby cherry tree and it is right to say a few words about this wonderful fruit.

Cherries are very useful and have many healing properties: they are effective in treating gout and arthritis, and they also help in better sleep.
Cherries are a very good source of vitamins and are rich in antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients.
In addition to vitamin C, they also contain vitamins A, B1, B2 and B6, iron, phosphorus, bioflavonoids, ellagic acid, anthocyanins and melatonin. These ingredients help fight cancer, prevent heart disease, relieve pain and more. They help our body produce melatonin in a safe and healthy way and strengthen physiological and mental functions. Fresh cherries are good for relieving physical and mental exhaustion, while sour cherries help to improve mood. Cherries have similar healing properties.

Positive effect on health

Numerous studies have shown that eating cherries can help prevent heart disease and cancer, relieve pain and improve bone health. This is most likely due to the antioxidants present in them.

Prevention of heart disease

According to scientific research, the flavonoid found in cherries (kercetin) has anti-cancer effects and also helps prevent heart disease. Namely, cherries are a very important source of kercetin in terms of nutrition, as they contain a lot of it per serving.

Cancer prevention

The cherry stone contains a small amount of amygdalin (also called vitamin B17), which is believed to have a positive effect on tumor reduction and prevent further spread of cancer and help relieve pain caused by carcinogenic processes. Some peoples, such as the Hunza in Pakistan, have always used foods rich in amygdalin in their diet and have not been diagnosed with cancer, so many scientists believe that amygdalin is responsible for this.

Pain relief

Anthocyanins, which are present in these red fruits, block inflammatory enzymes and thus relieve pain. However, the following information is also quite telling: the American Association of Chemists reported that 20 cherries a day can relieve pain similar to a pain reliever such as aspirin or ibuprofen.

Facilitating the excretion of kidney stones

In cherries, not only the fruit is healthy, but also the stalk. From them you can prepare tea to facilitate the excretion of urine in the event of kidney stones: a liter of boiling water add a handful of stalks, cook for two minutes and let stand 15 minutes. Strain the tea and drink it in sips throughout the day.

For healthy bones

Cherries are an excellent source of boron, which in combination with calcium and magnesium has a very beneficial effect on bone health.
Indispensable for weight loss

Cherries are low in energy, low in fat and high in water. Studies have shown that increased water intake increases energy levels and speeds up metabolism. Many people take advantage of eating water-rich fruits (which cherries are) during weight loss treatments. Cherries also have a lot of potassium and sodium, which help eliminate water from the body.

So if you’re lucky enough to have a cherry tree nearby, what are you waiting for. If not, you can find them in the store.

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