We are in a period of transition…


We are in a period of transition from one era into others when possible
just about everything./ Vaclav Havel/

In the fields of physics, business, spirituality, and even we have been hearing about a paradigm shift for many years now, a new era, a quantum leap, a new world order, a turning point the point, new age, and holographic reality. Even Star Wars brought us a powerful vision of ‘jumping into hyperspace’. Tomas Kuhn as early as 1962 popularized the concept of change paradigm when he described evolution as a ‘sequence of peaceful Zod interrupted by intellectually violent revolutions ’, within whose ‘old conceptual views of the world are replaced by new ones’.

A paradigm shift therefore essentially means a change in an act of understanding life, and thus a change of all our behavior and action. Let us remember what the development of agriculture is like changed the primitive hunting and gathering society, but how the discovery of the printing press saved us from ecclesiastical domination in the age of medieval gloom; or how our personal computer and the World Wide Web help in the transition from local loneliness towards a comprehensive global society.

But however, all these transitions were very important for the development of skills that remained at the level of change.

The Power of Walking for Health

We only find out what really counts in life when it is no longer available to us. Over the past few months, many of us have found out how beneficial it is to simply open the front door and go for a walk. By walking, we not only move our body but also our spirit. Walking works anytime, anywhere, and the best thing about it is that it’s free. The colors, shapes, and sounds that we perceive when walking sharpen our attention and its positive healing effects are often underestimated. By walking, we move the joints, strengthen the muscles, and stimulate the functioning of the cardiovascular system, in addition to training the body’s ability to coordinate and reduce stress levels. All the listed positive effects of walking are the more pronounced and long-lasting, the more often and faster we are in motion.

German scientists researching the movement have been able to learn a lot of positive from the challenges we have faced in recent months. Namely, people set off on foot even more often than usual and indulge in their thoughts while walking. While walking, we all think about something, so we can claim to become true philosophers when we set out on foot. Walking encourages us to think about what makes a society worth living in and what a beautiful life is. Walking gradually clears the head and makes a proctor for new perspectives. Who r walks regularly, walks through life more confidently and attentively.

For intense walking pleasure, scientists recommend that we go for a walk along ever new paths and that we sometimes go where we haven’t been for a long time or where we have never been before. Curiosity thus focuses not only on areas we know or are considered beautiful but on the whole environment. Scientists are convinced that only by walking around the world do we get a real impression of what all is part of the world.
So, I invite you to get to know your surroundings anew.

The Impact Of Brazil Nuts On Health

They maintain a healthy heart

Brazil nuts are high in fat, especially healthy, unsaturated fats, which include HDL cholesterol, omega 3 fatty acids, and oleic and palmitoleic acid. These types of fats are the reason that Brazil nuts maintain overall heart health and regulate cholesterol levels, as they eliminate the dangerous omega 6 fatty acids from the cardiovascular system. Balanced cholesterol reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes. However, Brazil nuts also contain some dangerous, saturated fats, so they should not be overdone.

They take care of healthy skin

The vitamins and nutrients in Brazil nuts protect the health of the skin. Selenium in them maintains a healthy glow and elasticity of the skin and thus works against premature aging. It stimulates the antioxidant glutathione, which removes free radicals from cells, which cause wrinkles and skin cancer. The high content of zinc works against acne – for this purpose, you can eat nuts or lubricate critical areas with Brazil nut oil, as it also contains many vitamins and antioxidants.

They help fight overweight

The high content of fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates makes Brazil nuts a very filling food, so after eating them, the need for snacks, which introduce unnecessary calories, is reduced. But let’s remember: 28 grams of these nuts contain as many as 185 calories, so enjoy them in small amounts, otherwise the effect will be the opposite.

They contribute to good digestion

The fiber in Brazil nuts regulates the digestive system. Namely, they enable the peristaltic movement of food through the digestive tract, while excreting as many nutrients as possible. They also prevent stomach ulcers, constipation, bloating, cramps, and more serious illnesses such as colon cancer. Regulated digestion can increase energy levels and weight loss.

They take care of the proper functioning of the thyroid gland

Selenium, which Brazil nuts contain a lot, plays an important role in the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. This gland produces, distributes, and regulates extremely important hormones. By ensuring the proper functioning of the thyroid gland (and by producing it itself), selenium ensures the proper functioning of other processes in the body, among other things, it maintains a healthy metabolism

They strengthen the immune system

Due to the many nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, and organic compounds they contain, Brazil nuts are one of the foods that help boost a strong immune system. Vitamin C in combination with selenium and zinc promotes the production of white blood cells and promotes antioxidant compounds to neutralize free radicals, preventing many chronic diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular disease.

They take care of fast growth and healing

The protein that Brazil nuts contain in a nice amount is crucial for muscle growth, energy, cell growth, and wound repair and healing. Nuts also contain vitamin C, which is an important component of collagen, which is also crucial for human growth and the regeneration of blood vessels, tissues, and cells.

They increase the effectiveness of nutrients

The high content of magnesium helps to promote the efficiency of nutrient intake in the digestive system, so Brazil nuts also ensure that you get the most out of the food you eat. They are also a great source of zinc.

And beware!

Some people may develop a nut allergy when eating Brazil nuts. Reaction symptoms may be mild (for example, itchy skin) or more severe: difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. Allergic cross-reactions can occur with the simultaneous consumption of mangoes, cashews, and pistachios.

Selenium poisoning can occur if you eat too many Brazil nuts. Symptoms of intoxication include nausea, vomiting, bad breath, and emotional disturbances. Dental caries, hair loss, neuropathic pain, and dermatitis may also occur. Therefore, it is recommended to eat two to a maximum of four nuts (each weighing about 5 grams) per day.

For those with heart problems, eating Brazil nuts is not recommended, as they contain saturated fats in addition to unsaturated ones. In this case, consult a specialist before eating Brazil nuts.

I Love Wild Plants For Uncredible Health

Slightly cloudy, a degree colder, but beautiful morning and the trail took me to cultivated fields where a veritable treasure trove of omega-3 fatty acids is growing. Of course, I’m talking about Portulaca oleracea. Again a translation problem, but the image will be credible enough.

This plant is an herbaceous annual with a fleshy stem and dark green oval leaves that grow wild on cultivated and abandoned soils and along paths. It is believed to be native to Asia but also thrives in the temperate climate of other continents.
Omega-3 fatty acids are deficient in the modern diet and are found mainly in fish.
These are important for the heart and blood vessels and for strengthening the immune defense. Among other things, Portulaca oleracea is credited with influencing improved blood flow and preventing the formation of clots in blood vessels.

The plant is harvested all summer. For medicinal purposes, we use its above-ground parts, which can be dried and crushed into powder (capsules) or fresh in rolls and compresses.

Portulaca oleracea contains, among other things:

– high in plant omega-3 fatty acids. 100 grams of fresh leaves contain 300 to  400 milligrams of fatty acids.
– mucus (which helps inflamed mucous membranes)
– antioxidant vitamins C, E and beta-carotene (which is converted into vitamin A in the body)
– antioxidant glutathione
– potassium and calcium minerals.

Young shoots of the plant can be eaten fresh in a salad, steamed, or prepared in the soup. It can be cooked much like spinach. Portulaca oleracea has a slightly sour, salty, and lemon taste. The leaves are most commonly used in cooking, but the roots, flowers, and seeds are also edible.

As a culinary herb, it is being rediscovered in the UK. In French cuisine, meaty leaves are used raw in salads or cooked in equal proportions with sorrel in the classic bonne femme soup. In Asia, fat is used in dishes prepared by roasting and mixing. Australian natives used the seeds in cakes.

Portulaca oleracea also works well for soaking, for which we use wine or apple cider vinegar, seasoned with garlic, hot peppers, and whole peppercorns.

Wild Plants In Everyday Lives

As I said in a previous article, I continue with wild plants and everything that enriches our everyday lives. Today I decided to present the Chenopodium album.

I use the Latin term because unfortunately, I could not find the translation. I am attaching a picture and I believe that you will easily find the plant on a nearby meadow, hiking trails, at the edge of the forest …

It is a very widespread “weed”, which has been systematically cultivated in some places. It turns out that the consumption of this plant has a huge positive impact on health. In addition, this plant is also very tasty – it tastes a bit like spinach. Because the leaves contain a lot of minerals, they have a slightly salty taste. If you dry and grind them, you can easily use them instead of salt.

Chenopodium album contains large amounts of vitamins A and C. In addition, it can contain many B vitamins. Among the minerals contained in this plant, calcium, manganese, potassium, iron, and copper stand out. Of course is also an excellent source of dietary fiber, which is crucial for good digestion and for a healthy heart and blood vessels.

Chenopodium album leaves can be used to soothe the skin after insect bites and to promote healing of minor wounds and sunburns. They also relieve joint pain. Tea made from the leaves of Chenopodium album is very useful for stomach problems. Because the plant, as already mentioned, contains a lot of iron, it helps prevent anemia. Is also great for detoxifying the body. If you have problems with constipation, you can make tea from the roots of the plant, as it will act as a mild natural laxative. The roots are also useful for making natural cleansers. In them, we find saponins, which foam in water, similar to soap.

Wild Plants In Our Diet

Summer is in all its beauty also in my place. I am outside every day and I recharge my batteries for the days when summer will slowly give way to autumn. I observe all this lavishness, primordial wildness, colorfulness, and abundance. And it was this wildness of the plant that attracted me. We are used to buying food in supermarkets, maybe we also grow it in our gardens, fields…
But we rarely think that we can find it in nature and include it in our daily diet. And I would like to talk about that today and in the days to come. Introduce some wild plants and what benefits they bring to our bodies.
I decided to introduce the nettle first because I assume you all know it.

Young tops and leaves are an excellent stimulator of iron and calcium metabolism. Nettle tea, as well as the leaves themselves, eliminate acidity and detoxify the body. It has always been used to treat rheumatic diseases.

The modern pharmacy has proven to be beneficial in flushing kidney sand. Less well known is that nettle roots have been used in monastic medicine to treat prostate problems. As it increases the flow of urine through the bladder, it reduces its stagnation. This, too, has been confirmed by modern science. We use fresh or dried leaves to make tea. They can also be added to food and eaten as vegetables. Nettle roots are dug up, cleaned, and dried in autumn. We make tea from them. We can consume up to about 6 g of roots per day.
They contain precious oils and proteins. It is one of the best superfoods to improve blood count and overall immunity. In the monastery medicine, there are records of the treatment of asthma with nettle seeds mixed with honey. However, if they added ground pepper and red wine to such a mixture, they got a real love potion.

Nettle root tea was once used to massage and wash the scalp. Thus, they strengthened the hair roots and accelerated hair growth.

Nettle seeds also have an extremely high nutritional value. These are actually tiny fruits. They contain precious oils and proteins.

Why Avocado Is Great For Health

Avocado is considered one of the healthiest fruits on earth, as it contains as many as 25 essential nutrients in large quantities, including vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, as well as copper, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. In addition, avocado is rich in dietary fiber, protein, and other phytochemicals such as beta-sitosterol, glutathione, and lutein, which can protect us from various diseases. Avocados are also high in healthy monounsaturated fats.

Why is avocado so good for health?

Avocado is a fruit that is extremely rich in ingredients that take care of our good health. What are the ones that are worth emphasizing, read below.

Avocado helps you maintain cardiovascular health: Avocados contain vitamin B6 and folic acid, which help regulate homocysteine ​​levels. Elevated levels of homocysteine ​​are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Avocados also contain vitamin E and monounsaturated fats to help keep your heart healthy.

It lowers cholesterol levels: Avocados are rich in beta-sitosterol, which helps lower blood cholesterol levels. Patients with mildly elevated cholesterol who ate avocados regularly throughout the week lowered their total cholesterol by 17%, LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels by 22%, and HDL cholesterol by 11%.

It controls blood pressure: Avocados are high in potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure.

It is distinguished by many anti-inflammatory properties: Polyphenols and flavonoids have anti-inflammatory properties, so regular consumption of avocado can reduce inflammation in the body and the risk of various degenerative diseases.

Avocado cares for eye health: Avocados contain a lot of the carotenoid lutein, which takes care of eye health
Avocados are rich in antioxidants, so they can inhibit certain aging processes. Glutathione in avocados takes care of a strong immune system and the health of the nervous system.

Avocado is a great skincare food. Avocado oil nourishes the skin and gives it a glow. This oil is also very effective in psoriasis.

The Healing Power Of A Simple Banana

The examination has demonstrated that bananas contain upwards of three common sugars and that two bananas give the body enough vitality for an hour and a half. The banana is consequently a wellspring of quick, solid, and sound vitality and it is no big surprise that widely acclaimed competitors depend on the banana as the main organic product. Yet, vitality isn’t all we get from a banana: a banana keeps us fit as a fiddle and encourages us to lose pounds. Simultaneously, the banana additionally supernaturally assists with numerous infirmities and side effects.

Banana is a genuine supernatural occurrence saver of medical issues. Contrasted with an apple, it contains multiple times more protein, twice the same number of sugars, threefold the amount of phosphorus, fivefold the amount of nutrient An and iron, twice the same number of nutrients and minerals. Subsequently: a banana daily drives the specialist away.

Depression: Among individuals experiencing interminable melancholy, the banana is a sort of organic product that takes care of issues. Bananas contain the indispensable amino corrosive tryptophan, which our body doesn’t deliver all alone. Tryptophan is a characteristic relaxant that causes us to battle a sleeping disorder, and simultaneously it is the reason for the creation of serotonin, which is known to make us glad and unwinding.

PMS: On the off chance that you need nectar, as we probably are aware ladies guarantee that we designed it men, the period before feminine cycle to feel much improved, at that point eat two bananas per day. Banana is a rich wellspring of nutrient B6, which manages blood glucose levels. It is the blood glucose irregularity that causes an awful mind-set.

Pallor: Bananas contain a ton of iron, which advances the arrangement of hemoglobin in the blood. Eating bananas decreases the opportunity of sickliness.

Blood pressure: Banana, this essentially fascinating tropical organic product, contains an incredibly high convergence of potassium and simultaneously has an exceptionally low salt substance. Extraordinary for battling hypertension, in the US, even banana merchants were the main ones permitted to utilize the data that bananas lower circulatory strain for promoting purposes.

Brain Power: 200 understudies from the UK assisted with research that indicated that having a banana for breakfast, lunch and supper builds mind movement. Furthermore, how to accomplish bananas work? The dietary benefit of bananas expands the movement of synapses, which transmit data quicker.

Constipation: Bananas are brimming with fiber and with a banana-based eating regimen, any individual can rapidly control absorption without the utilization of meds. Obviously, if there should arise an occurrence of significant difficulties, you should counsel a specialist.

Heartburn: Bananas contain a characteristic corrosive destroyer in the body. On the off chance that you experience the ill effects of indigestion or on the off chance that you frequently experience the ill effects of this bother, treat yourself to at any rate two bananas per day.

Morning sickness: Dear women, in the event that you experience the ill effects of morning affliction, you are likely pregnant. Congrats! However, to avoid the bother that has transpired, we propose that you eat one to two bananas between dinners. Your mornings will be more settled once more.

Mosquito nibbles: Before going after the mosquito chomp cream, attempt the old strategy and rub the banana strip from within to the influenced region. A great many people are essentially excited about the impact, as the pimples do not tingle anymore, the redness perceptibly diminishes.

The Hangover: Most know the feeling after a long night with a lot of alcohol. And there is nothing better than drinking a banana milkshake improved with nectar. The banana calms the stomach, while nectar directs glucose.

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For What Reason Do We Age?

The wellspring of youth – such allegorical bit of fantasy that implies interminability has been utilized again and again on various types of writing both before and in the present. Customarily, the wellspring of youth’s grouping as a legend is tested now and again with certain undertakings or voyages that guarantee to have at last discovered the wellspring’s area. Regardless, this common image of unceasing youth in many types of writing and craftsmanship, confirms man’s intrinsic liking with everlasting status.

In our contemporary setting, this yearning for everlasting status is nearly inside humankind’s grip with the guarantee of better advancements and sciences sooner rather than later. Be that as it may, to totally get a handle on and comprehend the methods for getting unceasing life or a long life expectancy in the exceptionally least, one should initially observe the procedure behind our maturing. This inquiry kept numerous splendid researchers never going to budge on looking for signs and hypotheses that may answer such tenacious questions.

Through the course of these logical investigations on the domain of human maturing, researchers had the option to concoct a term that alludes to the human maturing process – senescence. This term alludes to a degeneration suggestion that shows itself as individuals get old. Senescence is accepted to be the consequence of a biochemical deregulation that is a characteristic segment of life.

Be that as it may, the impacts of senescence shift among various species. Take for instance a bat and a rat, the two are delegated warm-blooded animals and both are of a similar size, however, a bat by and large carries on with longer than a rat for the previous can satisfy 30 years while the last as a rule have a life expectancy of just a few years. In any case, some creature species, for example, rockfish, turtles, and lobsters show a specific characteristic known as the unimportant senescence. This attribute empowers these particular creature species to live through a more drawn out timeframe contrasted with different species. A portion of these animal varieties can even live for a fantastic range of 200 years.

Discoveries through broad examinations that were completed by different researchers suggest that this impossible to miss quality is an aftereffect of developmental and hereditary variables that standard over these creatures’ life span. In any case, researchers despite everything think that its difficult to absorb this sort of attribute to people and the purpose for it is genuinely straightforward: we people live under a totally unique condition contrasted with those creatures that have the immaterial senescence characteristic.

The best that we people can accomplish for the present is to initially decide the different variables that fuel the way toward maturing and to address these elements as needs are. One of the clearest reasons or factors behind maturing is pressure. More or less, the elements of stress essentially state that consistent beatings and disciplines that our bodies take from regular assignments lead to hormone unsettling influence which can at last lead to cell harm.

Besides, the degeneration of the nerve center, an organ that dwells in your mind, is additionally one of the deciding elements of maturing. The nerve center is exclusively liable for setting the “traffic” of different hormones to different organs. Through the course of time, the nerve center gets tired and will in general be off base in discharging legitimate measures of the hormone to different organs in the human body. This prompts imbalanced hormone levels which cause harm to tissues.

Outside variables realized by the earth are additionally a portion of the truly practical purposes for the maturing procedure. Ecological damages, for example, contamination, radiation, contaminants combined with self instigated pressure, and helpless sustenance cause harm to human cells. Huge harm is right away incurred upon these cells once they are presented to such destructive outside elements. Cells assume a considerable job on the way toward maturing in light of the fact that they contain important data for the human body’s turn of events. At whatever point a cell duplicates or partitions itself, it ensures that the new cell is of a similar level with the past cell that it started from. In the event that that past cell got any smallest type of harm from the recently referenced components, it will at that point bring forth new cells that have somewhat disfigured data sets. This will at that point start a pattern of declined cells which prompts what is generally known as the maturing procedure.

Among these logical hypotheses that manage the way toward maturing the Free Extreme Hypothesis will in general be the most mainstream among contemporary American wellbeing buffs. This hypothesis recommends that incredibly receptive synthetic concoctions, which the term free radicals allude to, are liable for delivering harm to the human body’s tissues. When all is said in done, in any case, these free radicals are not totally awful for the human body for they additionally fill various needs for the body’s turn of events. In any case, what is harming the human body, particularly to the tissues, is simply the free radicals’ capacity to duplicate in over the top sums. Free radicals are enriched with an additional electron which makes them increasingly fit for taking electrons from different atoms which they will, in general, do as often as possible. This demonstration, therefore, prompts a hazardous cycle that can burnout the phones from continually fixing harmed atoms.

With these different speculations that attempt to unravel the way toward maturing, certain clinical arrangements are additionally formulated to battle the inescapable maturing custom. The most widely recognized among these clinical arrangements are taking nutrient C and nutrient E enhancements to battle pressure and to adjust the harm incited by free radicals in the body. Another viable strategy is to diminish your normal admission of low-quality nourishments and subbing it with more beneficial food decisions, for example, products of the soil.

One intends to battle the cost of maturing today is through the utilization of excellent GenF20™ HGH or Human Development Hormone forerunners. The GenF20™ HGH supplement can assist with expanding vitality levels that can make you significantly increasingly profitable by empowering you to perform more errands productively. This enhancement can likewise assist with bringing cholesterol, in addition, to help down to improve cerebrum, vision, and resistant capacity. These are just a portion of the capacities of the GenF20™ HGH supplement in controlling the maturing procedure, however in any case the GenF20™ supplement is, by a wide margin, the most progressive dietary enhancement that can help with the way toward maturing. These advances that were made in the light of battle factors that prompt untimely maturing, can genuinely give reaffirmation in accepting that the wellspring of youth that each man yearns for is really close enough.