How to strengthen your immune system

Today I would like to give you some key tips on how we can strengthen the immune system. I hope it benefits you. And do not forget – it all starts in ourselves.

The illness is simply the result of the body not being relaxed for a long time due to negative feelings such as stress, worry, and fear. Your emotions affect every cell in your body.

When you are full of good feelings, you give love and therefore, through your body with amazing speed travels at full force of health. All one hundred herb cells are under your control, you manage them and give them directions with thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Robert Collier (1885-1950)said the following:

“Aim for the perfect image of all organs and you will never be touched by the shadow of disease. Use those affirmations.
Today I feel great, I am full of energy, I can see perfectly, I can eat as much as I want, but keep the ideal weight … At night I sleep like a baby …..”

The feeling of love, gratitude, and respect in the heart strengthens the immune system, accelerates the secretion of important chemical substances, enhances vitality and chilliness, lowers stress hormones and high blood pressure, soothes feelings of anxiety, guilt …

That being said, it is good to know and to be aware – only in this way it can lead us to uncredible  health.

Habits That Help Achieve Uncredible Health

At first glance, these may not seem to be the most effective,
but with the right combination of activities and persistent exercise,
they can quickly turn our lives around for the better.

I divided these habits into four sets, namely: physical
activity, diet, inner peace and sleep.

Now let’s turn to each set separately.


–  Before I get out of bed in the morning, I stretch my body and take a few  deep   breaths
– I use the stairs instead of the elevator
– I park 200 yards further than usual when I go somewhere
– I do not flip ads during the movie, but use them for simple physical exercises
– I dance to my favorite song
– while watching TV by sitting or lying down, I alternately relax and strain my muscles (arms, abdomen, buttocks, ..)


–  start the day with breakfast
–  I enjoy the food peacefully, slowly, and I chew every bite at least 10x
–  I avoid snacks due to stress
– I plan purchases and meals daily in advance
– Eat from a smaller plate
– I drink lots of water and other healthy drinks. With the moderate activity of at  least 2 liters per day
– Is it good to  limit  alcohol consumption (by the way- I do not drink alcohol at all)
– I learn to understand the importance of food labels and choose the ones with less salt, sugar, and fat.


– before I get out of bed I draw the day ahead in my mind. The picture will comfort me and give me the impetus.
– I smile in front of the mirror and think why I love myself and others
-I live here and now.  At least for part of the day, trying not to think about the future and the past. This kind of thinking can steal the most beautiful moments of my life
– I take ten minutes every day for myself and do what makes me happy and soothing
– I listen and hear my favorite music
– I admit my mistakes
– I release. Anger, tension, resentment are holes that leak my life force.
– If I have to choose between being right and being friendly, I choose the latter.


– I do not eat heavy meals at bedtime
– I avoid high-intensity exercise before going to bed
– I go to bed at the same time
– I take a warm shower before bed to soothe me
– I wear clean, airy and comfortable sleeping clothes
– I turn off electronic devices at bedtime and use an alarm clock instead of my phone to wake up.
– I ventilate, darken, raise the air temperature to 16 to 19 degrees Celsius
– I sleep for 7 hours every day.

To start with, in each of the four categories, select one activity and do it daily. Then gradually add other activities from the list.

My advice: Keep the list in a prominent place.