Kettlebell Workouts Can Change Your Body

Kettlebell Workouts Can Change Your Body. While perusing about your local gym, you may have noticed an odd little device nestled at the end of a dumbbell rack jumbled amongst an array of other strange exercise equipment. This object somewhat resembles a cross between a boat anchor and an oversized pendant adorning a necklace. In reality, this piece of equipment is known as a kettlebell, and it can change your entire perspective of what it means to work out.


Although they have been around forever, kettlebells have enjoyed a recent spike in popularity, brought in part by the CrossFit movement. These strange-looking free weights provide a unique way to challenge the body regardless of one’s fitness level or overall goals.

Kettlebell training usually involves explosive movements utilizing an increased range of motion that other forms of exercise lack. Because of the increased dynamics present in the workout, an individual can simultaneously reap the benefits of strength training as well as aerobic conditioning.

Instead of doing a few sets of say, bench press, then hopping on the treadmill at the end of your workout, you can combine both aspects of these movements into one.

Using kettlebells also increases the carryover of your workout into real life. The problem with many pieces of gym equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, and other exercise machines is that the weight is perfectly balanced in the center of the load. While this makes the management of the exercise more efficient, few objects in the real world feature the same even weight distribution.

The structure of a kettlebell is such that the majority of the weight is distributed several inches from the actual handle. This design forces you to not only move the weight but also requires a higher degree of control and intent to do so. Both of these factors do a great job of mimicking physical tasks you will encounter outside of the gym. In terms of functionality, the kettlebell reigns supreme!

Another beneficial aspect of kettlebell training is the reduced need to constantly change and adjust the resistance. Completing a strenuous and effective workout can be accomplished using only one kettlebell, and never more than a few. Most of us are pressed for time when it comes to maintaining consistent exercise routines.

By eliminating the need to add weight to the bar, find a different dumbbell, and wait for a certain machine to open up, the time required to knock out a training session is greatly reduced.

For those of you who choose to workout at home or on the go, utilizing the kettlebell is a fantastic option. Because of their relatively small size and the aforementioned benefit of only needing one, your ability to work out doesn’t have to depend on a large amount of space or a fully furnished gym. Kettlebell training is an effective way of preserving the consistency and availability of your exercise routine. Convenience and kettlebells go hand in hand (no pun intended).

Whatever your workout routine looks like, it needs to be one that both challenges and entertains you. Nothing is worse than being miserable while dragging your way through a boring workout routine that you have performed a hundred times.

A quick peek into any one of the vast number of kettlebell workouts available online will expose you to many exercises you have probably never observed. Movements such as the kettlebell swing, Turkish get-up, and overhead snatch may all sound foreign to you right now.

However, if you find your current routine to be stagnant and monotonous, give kettlebell training a try. This may just be the spark you need to revamp your motivation for fitness.