Mint an herb that soothes and refreshes

Mint an herb that soothes and refreshes

It’s been quite some time since the last post. But so much beautiful happened during that time that I simply did not have “time” to sit at the computer and write something.
Even if things are going well for us in life and in our family, there is no need to share everything and it is right that this intimacy remains intact.
It is necessary for our soul, for healthy development and well-being.  Sometimes the outside world or people in the outside world so quickly spoil the beauty that is in us and our actions, our dreams …
In short, it is necessary to feel good in your own skin, it is necessary to be with people who love us and whom we love ourselves and it is necessary to cultivate positive, healthy thoughts.
There’s a lot going on around the world, even bad things, but don’t let that pull us in. Let’s keep our distance from everything that’s going on, think good thoughts, and do good for the world and people.

Well, I share one gorgeous recipe for a non-alcoholic mojito that we can relax.



  • 2 limes
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 5 g of fresh mint
  • 200 ml of carbonated lemon drink
  • 200 ml of mineral water
  • crushed ice

Wash the limes, cut them into thin slices, divide them into two glasses and sprinkle them with sugar, and mash them with a spoon or beater.

Fill the jars with crushed ice and mix the contents. Add the washed mint leaves and pour over the lemon drink and mineral water.