What depends on health

March, 2020
by: Dusan M.

The five big areas on which our health depends: 1. thoughts and emotions, 2. food (drink is liquid food), 3. physical activity, 4. environmental impacts, air, 5. heredity and more.

So - what can we do? The first three areas are clear. Even the birds on the branch are chirping that we must think and act positively in order to use joyful emotions - joy, love, kindness,... that we are physically active means - walking, exercising, running, swimming - we know and you know what that involves.

What about the other two areas?

Research shows that the impact of genes is small. Inheritance is important, but research results suggest, that the influence of genes is only one to a maximum of five percent. It depends, first of all, on the other four factors if any genes are to be expressed.

However, environmental impacts are often powerless or very limited. Electromagnetic pollution is hard to avoid, but we can choose not to have a cellphone right next to our body. We may not really be able to relocate the power line or replace the apartment, but we do not have to have wiring or appliances around our head in the bedroom. Finally, my thinking and advice: If we cannot repair the damage, at least reduce it. Pay attention to the dangers in the environment we live in and take matters into our own hands by taking action for changes.