Our purpose

This is my Uncredible Health website. Since I already have a wealth of experience in life, I would like to share some of this with the world. I have experienced and survived many things and now in the fall of my life I know that the most important thing and achievement in life is Health. This is exactly the content of my site.

A wise man once said the following:Health is the feeling that we live and are happy with ourselves. Health with pleasure eaten an apple that does not lie in the stomach, health is the kiss of a dear person with the smell of almonds, health is the drinking of water from a spring, health is the running of deer through the forest. Please find me this health. When I realized that I cannot buy health and nobody can sell it to me, I will never again pass on my health care to another person or institution. I will do my best to protect myself and the nature of which I am a part of my actions. I will fight for every moment of pure breath, clean water and healthy food. I will not allow illness to rule me, but give health everything I have: body, mind and soul.


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